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Freedom Fitness is a gym that really offers everything when you come to work out. Our goal is to help you focus on getting in better shape so you can live a healthier lifestyle.

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Freedom Fitness offers a variety of classes for you. Everything from kickboxing to spin classes, ab classes to zumba!

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Our certified fitness trainers will help you achieve your goals. No gym membership required!


Are you looking for a gym where there are no hassles or gimmicks? Freedom Fitness in Lawton, OK, is a health club that focuses on getting you fit and saving you money. With our no-contract, no-commitment guarantee, you can focus on your fitness without the worry of a binding contract.


Fitness classes, personal trainers, a variety of weights and equipment: Freedom Fitness is a full-service health club, focusing on the best interests and needs of our members. Don’t wait for a new year and a new resolution to roll around. Enroll in our no hassle membership today and experience the freedom of great fitness!


Find out more about our health club by calling our Lawton, OK gym today. We are always available, and always excited to have new members! We look forward to meeting you and supporting your healthy lifestyle.


With great hours, a vast selection of workout machines, and multiple workout rooms, Freedom Fitness delivers everything that you need for a great workout experience.